Testing is our passion


Tests in accordance with CEC standards and in-house methods.

  • CEC F-110-16 Diesel Engine Injector Sticking Test DW10c 
  • CEC F-98-08 Diesel Engine Nozzle Coking Test DW10b 
  • CEC F-23-01 Diesel Engine Nozzle Coking Test XUD9
  • CEC F-05-93 Inlet Valve Cleanliness in MB M 102 E Engine
  • CEC F-20-98 Deposit Forming Tendency on Intake Valves M111
  • CEC M-11-91 Cold Weather Performance Test for Diesel Vehicles
  • COP in House Cold Operability Test for Diesel Vehicles
  • ORA in House On Road Acceleration Vehicle Test
  • EEffG in House Fuel Efficiency Test for Diesel Detergents